Creamy Vegan Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie


I know, it’s not very helpful to post this on the actual day of Thanksgiving, but if you’re looking for a new recipe for next year, here it is! In the early 90s I found a recipe for vegan pumpkin pie in the November issue of Vegetarian Times and over the years I adjusted it until I felt it was the perfect texture and flavor.  But feel free to adjust it even further if you think it’s needed. We cut out the pastry leaves by hand and baked them right on the pie.

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The Best Ginger Snap Cookies

Ginger Snaps

Over the years I have been adjusting a ginger snap recipe I came across in a cookie book in an attempt to create just the right texture and flavor. I never quite got there. A couple of days ago I decided to make a batch but did not have my adjusted recipe on hand so I speculated my way through this recipe. It turned out some really good cookies, much better than the recipe I have been trying to adjust for years!

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