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If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it.
Krishna speaking to Arjuna; Bhagavad-Gita 9.26


Food tends to be at the center of almost all our social activities. Plans with friends are made around a shared meal, Holidays are celebrated with special traditional foods, business deals take place over lunch or dinner and, of course, birthdays aren’t birthdays without a cake! Eating not only satisfies our hunger, but also our sense of taste. Cooking can satisfy our creative side and allow us to show our love for others by preparing them their favorite dishes. These are the many pleasures associated with food, which are elevated to a much higher level when cooking in a meditative consciousness.

Elevate your consciousness as you cook to nourish the body, mind and soul!

For those women who live in the triangle area and are interested in learning to cook with spiritual awareness:

Click the link below to see our schedule of workshops at our meetup group!

 “Vegetarian Women Cooking with Higher Consciousness”





5 comments on “Cooking Classes

  1. James on said:

    I have eaten Nanda’s delicious food for years!! She is quite the chef!!

  2. Nanda is not only a good cook, but she’s also a great teacher! I always go to her for cooking tips and menu ideas. She certainly knows the art of creating beautiful and tasty preparations that are also practical for everyone to cook. I always look forward to Nanda’s meals and recipes!

  3. Chalice on said:

    Everything Nanda cooks is delicious. I can always rely on her tips for ways to dress up something old or even create something entirely new. I would recommend her cooking class to anyone looking to eat healthier… or just tastier. :)

  4. Alysia on said:

    Nanda is a rock star in the kitchen. Not only has she been cooking gourmet, vegetarian feasts for decades, but she has consistently taught and encouraged many novices in the kitchen who are eager to learn her skills. Watching Nanda cook in the kitchen is like watching an artist paint in the studio. As a fellow vegetarian cooking instructor, I recommend her classes to anyone and everyone eager to learn the art of vegetarian cuisine.

  5. Nitin on said:

    As her student, I can attest to her precision, cleanliness and methodical approach to cooking. She encourages high standards in the kitchen and helps you in attaining them in a very simple and common sense kind of way. My favorites are her Italian and Indian dishes! Plus her vegetarian thanksgiving dinner is just superb.

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